Hendricks Shipping Group has been a specialist in inland shipping since 2000, and since 2008, we’ve expanded our expertise to include inland dry cargo and tanker charter opportunities. Our focus lies in International bareboat charters, where the vessels we offer are expertly managed by the charter company with our assistance. We’re dedicated to providing the best conditions and the most qualified professionals at your service.

Whether you have a tanker or dry cargo vessel for time charter or you’re seeking a time charter for your vessel, we deliver international time charters in collaboration with renowned shipping companies. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and explore the options available in time charters.

If you’re in search of a vessel but facing financing challenges with traditional banks, a bareboat charter might be the ideal solution. In many cases, we offer a buy option after the charter period, making it a viable and successful option for both vessel owners and charter companies. With over 45 successful charters, we have a proven track record in facilitating profitable partnerships.

Contact us for more information and the options in time charters.