Shipyard Serbia

Shipyard Serbia has established in 2007. It is located on the bank of river Begej, 5 km upstream from the place called Perlez. From the Danube, the port is located at km 1214. The Airport in Belgrade, Nikola Tesla, is very close at approximately 40 minutes’ drive and gives very good communication and travel possibilities.

The shipyard has built over 31 inland and sea going vessels over the last years. Besides constructions work the shipyard also offers the possibilities for maintenance, repairs and executions for electrical and woodcraft on board vessels. Next to repairs the shipyard has specialised in refitting and converting of vessels, from single hull tankers to double walled tankers or dry cargo.

About Shipyard Serbia

The shipyard can work with any classification bureau for the survey of the new build projects and for repair or maintenance. The slipway can take on vessels or barges from 135.00 length till 21.00m breadth with minimum draft of 0.64m and max 5.85m. The maximum height is 14.00m and the launching tonnage is maximum 2200 tons.

The shipyard has been designed to offer four (4) separate building lines to be placed on the slipway.

For more information about our offers for newbuilding, conversions, repairs, refitting and maintenance or survey please contact Hendricks Shipping Group. Call us or leave your question at the contactform.

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Major equipment description

  • CNC plasma cutting machine
  • Hydraulic piston press machine 400 tons
  • Mobile crane 80 tons
  • Apcant press machine 300 tons/ 3000mm
  • Inside portal cranes 25 tons each
  • Inside portal cranes 8 tons each
  • Inside pipe rotary support cranes 2 tons
  • Outside tower steel construction crane 4 tons
  • Outside tower steel construction crane 8 tons
  • Outside steel supply crane 10 tons
  • Screw compressors 8m3
  • Steel rolling transporters inside and outside
  • Vakuum lift beams 10 tons
  • Steel blocks for vessel support
  • Slipway steel wagons 300 tons each
  • Slipway main winches capacity for 2200 tons
Shipyard Bomex

Major building description

  • Production hall 127.00 x 27.00
  • Production hall 43.00 x 12.5m
  • Warehouse 43.00 x 12.5m
  • Technical Gases warehouse 8.0 x 6.0m
  • Custom warehouse 8.0 x 6.0m
  • Slipway flat part 145.00 x 93.00
  • Slipway slop part 145.00 x 87.00m
  • Traffic communication asphalt
  • Head office 13.00 x 7.00m
  • Administration building with technical department
  • Production offices
  • Restaurant
  • Public rooms, and exchange rooms
  • 40.00 x 8.0m
  • Reception office
  • Border fencing around the facilities
Shipyard Serbia